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                            In the earliest of recorded writings on architecture in both western and eastern cultures, architectural design was not only the greatest of the arts, but in its purest form considered analogous to the birth of the cosmos itself. Far more than simply producing handsome and well-proportioned compositions of form or merely utilitarian shelter, the true success of every project has more enduring criteria related to the experience and knowledge, sensitivity, depth and clarity of thought from which it originates. We consider it a great privilege to have entered into many such collaborative endeavors with clients of all types whose needs and wants are infinitely varied and diverse. In addition, as LEED (Leadership in Environmental Engineering and Design) professionals, we consider it our obligation to weave the most sustainable principles into every design.

                            We are a team here, but I am the main designer of every project and will be personally responsible and available for all stages from concept, to permit, to construction. Since Banyan was founded in Santa Barbara in 1995, I have designed and completed over 300 projects of diverse types and sizes, demonstrating award-winning expertise in both traditional and contemporary styles. As you will see by perusing the Banyan website, building types range from elaborate estates, to town-houses, condos and rental style multi-family triplexes and quadraplexes, to more modest but distinctive single-family homes, to a variety of commercial, mixed-use and institutional developments. Although we are licensed to practice and have completed works in Arizona, Florida and Hawaii, the largest majority of completed projects have been within Santa Barbara city limits.

I look forward to hearing from you,
Kirk B. Gradin, LEED AP
Architect and Principal